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Animal Control Information

Animal Control Information

Bird-X Scare-Eye
Large, heavy-gauge, inflatable plastic balloon about 15" across, with reflective "eyes" that make the birds think that a predator is near. 6 to 8 Scare Eyes per acre can be effective on all but starlings, which require more, and robins, which are not scared by Scare-Eye; 2 to 4 are enough for home gardens. Hang them just above tops of vegetable crops and fruit trees where the mylar eyes bobbing in the air currents will scare birds away. It is best to rotate colors and change locations every 2 weeks. Inexpensive, controls birds and lasts for years.

Bird Netting
Keep birds from fruit trees, shrubs and gardens. This lightweight premium grade bird net is constructed of 3/4" x 3/4" mesh and can also be used on gardens.
Sizes Available:

  • 14' x 50'
  • 14' x 100'
  • 17' x 50'
  • 17' x 100'

Other sizes are available. Call for prices.

Reflecting Tape
Flash Tape--Red and silver metalized polyethylene tape. Pest effective against flocking birds. Best to place tape above crop being protected so wind will move tape freely.

1/2" wide x 290 ft.
Super Wide 1-1/4" wide x 290 feet long

"The Best" Irri-Tape 2" wide ribbon of polyester film, holographically printed with interlocking circles resembling eyes of owls. Iridescent foil appearance allows tape to look like it is moving as birds fly by.