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Novelty Varieties

Novelty Varieties


Native to Eastern Siberia and Japan, this attractive small shrub is a highly valued fruiting plant in its native range. A unique member of the Honeysuckle family, it produces very early ripening tasty berries (BEFORE STRAWBERRIES!) about the size, flavor and color of wild blueberries. Hardy to -40° and is very easy to grow with no pest or disease problems. Plant 4-5' apart. Like blueberries, honeyberry shrubs have shallow root systems, so benefit from a good layer of mulch. Honeyberries thrive and actually prefer partial shade - particularly in southern regions. They can tolerate more sun in northern climates. TWO VARIETIES OF SIMILAR BLOOM PERIOD ARE NEEDED FOR POLLINATION. (Zone 3 - 8)


Blue Bell
A compact and spreading shrub, grows 4-5' tall with equivalent spread and bears good crops of large, deep blue, tasty fruit.

Blue Bird
This classic Russian variety forms an upright bush 5-6' tall. Bears large crops of tasty, dark, elongated blue berries.


Blue Forest
This dwarf variety grows to about 3' tall and wide and has a more spreading form than other varieties. Deep green foliage. Should produce abundant crops in most regions of United States.

Blue Mist
This unique selection is prized for its compact, spreading form and abundant crops of large, very tasty, sweet-tart berries.