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Raspberry Varieties


Legend has it that when the Greek gods went to Mt. Ida in Turkey they returned with raspberries. Thus, the basis for the scientific name of the red raspberry Rubus Idaeus. The delicate unique flavor with the fragrant bouquet still make raspberries a favorite with fruit lovers today. For most growers, no fruit is easier to sell than raspberries as u-pick or at roadside stands. The short shelf life makes it an easy berry to sell to even large groceries from local production fields.

Raspberries should be planted on deep, well drained loamy soils. They can be grown on sandy soils if irrigation and mulch are utilized to reduce moisture stress. Ninety per cent of the raspberry root system is in the top 20 inches of the soil--so proper fertilizer and an ample supply of water is important. Heavy or poorly drained soil should be avoided as raspberry roots cannot tolerate a water saturated soil condition. Even areas which pond after it rains should be avoided as the super saturated condition will reduce vigor, increase disease problems and even cause death of the plant.

Your site should also receive full sun and have good air drainage. To avoid getting diseases from wild brambles, all wild brambles within 600 feet of your planting should be removed. You should prepare your raspberry site at least one year prior to planting. Work to build up organic matter and eliminate perennial weeds. A PH of 5.5 to 6.5 is desirable and the PH should not be below 5.5 or above 7 as serious problems will arise. Contact a local fertilizer supplier or your County Extension office for testing procedures, as well as the best way to amend your soil.


Raspberry Fruiting Chart
Fruiting Season: 1 being the earliest and 4 being the latest | Fruit Size: S=Small   M=Medium   L=Large   VL=Very Large | Phytophthora Resistance: 1 = Most   5 = Least
    Fruiting Season Flavor Berry Size Phytophthora
Summer Red Boyne 1 Good M 4 3-8
Canby 1 Very Good M-L 2 4-8
Encore 4 Very Good VL 4 4-8
Killarney 2 Good M-L 1 3-8
K-81-6 3 Very Good VL unknown 4-8
Lauren 2 Very Good L 4 5-8
Nova 3 Excellent M-L 2 3-8
Prelude 1 Excellent L 1 5-8
Jeanne D'Orleans 4 Excellent L unknown 4-8
Fall Red Autumn Bliss 1 Excellent L 2 3-8
Caroline 2 Excellent VL 2 4-8
Heritage 4 Very Good M 3 4-9
Nantahala 4 Excellent L unknown 5-7
Polana 1 Good L unknown 3-8
  Vintage 4 Excellent L unknown 4-8
Black Bristol 2 Very Good M 1 5-8
Jewel 1 Good VL 1 4-8
Niwot 1 Excellent L Unknown 5-8
  Mac Black 3 Good L 2 3-8
Purple Royalty 2 Very Good VL 2 4-9
Brandywine 2 Good L 2 4-8
Yellow Anne (Fall) 2 Excellent L 1 4-12
Double Gold(Fall) 3 Excellent M 1 5-8
  Fall Gold (Fall) 3 Excellent M-L 3 4-8