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Seaberry (Buckthorn)- Male

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Seaberry (Buckthorn)- Male

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Why Buy From Indiana Berry
A new and unique fruiting plant for North America. Highly valued in Russia, China, and Eastern Europe, it has only been used as a wildlife and shelterbelt plant in our country. Very ornamental, with whorls or grayish green leaves and in the fall, the branches are covered with large clusters of bright orange berries. Tasty and healthful, the berries are an excellent source of vitamin c and make a delicious juice. 
Selecting Planting Site
A very tough and hardy plant, it can grow in poor sandy or gravelly soils and demands little care. Needs at least 1/2 day of sun, is hardy to -50 degrees F. Adaptable to all but very heavy and wet soils. Seaberry blooms in April and is wind pollinated. A male and a female plant are required to produce fruit. The flowers are very hardy and are not injured by late spring frosts. Expect berries 3 years after planting. Requires 1 male for every 10 females. Our varieties are from Europe with large and tasty fruit.  It is disease resistant and easy to grow. Plentiful round yellow-orange fruits cover the female plants making them beautiful edible ornamental. Branches are used in florist displays. The juice is sour and has an orange passion fruit like flavor when sweetened. Blended with other fruits or by itself, it makes a delicious juice. Sea Buckthorn can tolerate a little drought but it is a moisture sensitive plant especially in the spring when plants are flowering and young fruits are beginning to develop. If planting in arid or semi-arid areas, water must be supplied for an establishments. 

How to Plant 
Dig a hole in a sunny location as deep and wide as needed to accommodate the root. Trim off any damaged or broken roots and branches prior to planting. Press soil firmly around roots and water thoroughly. A sea Buckthorn grows from 6-10' tall with a narrow upright growth habit. Space 7' apart or 3-5' for a hedge. Sea Buckthorn can tolerate a little drought but it is a moisture sensitive plant especially in the spring when plants are flowering and young fruits are beginning to develop. If planting in arid or semi-arid areas, water must be supplied for establishment. 
Usually, no fertilizer is necessary. On very poor soils, an annual application of manure or other slow-acting organic fertilizers will help keep vigorous and healthy. We have seen no signs of pest and disease problems either here or in Europe. Seaberry plants usually begin bearing at 3 yrs. of age. 
Pruning and harvesting can be done at the same time. As you harvest cut either the whole branch (if it is quite old) or half of the branch. 
Helpful Info
Like legumes, the sea buckthorn plant also contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria in its roots, which keep soil healthy.

The shrub-like sea buckthorn plant can grow up to 30 feet wide and produces yellow and orange berries up to the size of small cherries. Although the berries are bland, they pack a powerful nutritional punch. Just one has 50 times the amount of vitamin C in an entire orange!

Used in ancient Greece as a fodder for horses to promote weight gain and a shiny coat. In fact, the generic Latin name "Hippophae" literally translates to "shiny horse".

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